SEO Migration Services

Start your new brand platform with SEO success

Migrating a site should be an exciting, positive time. A lot of hard work comes to fruition as you take a brand to the next level. With our help, we ensure that’s the case. Our experts work closely with you, removing the stress and ensuring that, when you make a change, your SEO performance never falters.

We have over 9 years of successful migration experience with a wide range of agency partners. With us, you can expect Superior Outcomes.

Not every migration has to be a mountain

In SEO terms, a site migration can fall into a number of categories. It can be alterations to the site’s UX, structure, design, content or location. It can apply to anything from changing the site’s URL structure to moving it to a new domain.

The common theme is that these are all substantial changes. And with substantial changes to any site comes the risk of a decreased SEO presence, dropped traffic and, as a result, lost revenue.

Whatever change you’re making, we have the tested processes in place to ensure that when the migration happens, your SEO is as powerful and impactful as your new site.

Our three-stage process

Our migration experience allows us to carry out the process efficiently and effectively, with no nasty surprises. These are its three stages.

Stage 1:


Current website

  • Prepare SEO specification
  • Benchmark the current site and server 
  • Analyse existing keywords and rankings
  • Identify priority pages
  • Create a list of the current URLs
  • Technically analyse the website
  • Analyse the link profile

New website 

We review the new site’s URL structure and internal linking, and identify its power pages. This ensures the new platform inherits the greatest possible SEO strength and visibility of the previous site. 

Our duties include:

  • Reviewing SEO tags
  • Reviewing images
  • Identifying crawl-time issues
  • Checking mobile friendliness
  • Reviewing structured data
  • Reviewing custom 404 page
  • Reviewing XML sitemaps
  • Creating a 301 redirect map
  • Reviewing tracking setup
Stage 2:


The crunch moment. To get your new domain off to the strongest possible start, we provide a set of good practices to follow. This includes guidelines for backups, timings and Google Search Console verification.

Along with outlining the implementation proves, we’ll:

  • Remove all temporary website blocks
  • Perform redirection checks
  • Spot-check search engine crawling
  • Index verification and tests in Google Search Console
Stage 3:

Post Migration Process

We’ll compare before and after performance following the migration. We place special focus on all redirects and the sensitive SEO elements that can impact:

  • Crawlability
  • Indexability
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Core web vitals
  • User experience

Following the migration, we’ll continue to support you by:

  • Monitoring the indexation
  • Preparing performance reports
  • Tracking keyword rankings
  • Comparing the site speed and performance
  • Making recommendations for further SEO actions

Need help migrating your website?

Boost your new site’s SEO success with a site migration strategy from SUSO Digital. Whether you are looking to update your existing SEO or migrate to a new domain, our team is here to help you improve and enhance your brand’s digital presence.