Mentoring start-up founders at Techstars

SUSO are mentors to founders on the Barclay’s sponsored Techstars fintech accelerator programme.

Our 1 on 1 sessions with start-up founders have helped shape their digital marketing and growth strategies.

“We really appreciate the fact that this is becoming a recurring thing – I know you are going to have a lasting impact on these companies” Mark Lazar, Program Manager, Techstars.

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The First Ever, Interactive Online SEO Textbook

The learning materials in our guide are created for marketers who want to gain deep, technical knowledge of Google’s algorithm, to fuel their strategic SEO decisions.

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How Much of a Ranking Factor is Domain Relevancy in 2021?


The SEO blogosphere is full of articles espousing the importance of building niche-relevant links, while SEO forums are overflowing with people agonising whether or not to disavow non-relevant links to remain safe from penalty.

However, the question many of these people fail to ask is: what exactly is domain relevancy and how big of a ranking factor is it?

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5 Common Ecommerce SEO Mistakes and How To Fix Them


SEO can help your Ecommerce business grow by boosting organic traffic. However, there are some common SEO mistakes that could cost your brand dearly.

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