Doubling Casamundo’s Organic Traffic

Helping Casamundo's New Online Service Get Discovered In Organic Search


To rank a series of new landing pages, for a range of holiday rental related generic keywords.

Website history:

Casamundo is a popular holiday rental booking platform. They realised, however, that they could reach thousands more new customers every month if their website was performing better in Google Search.

They approached us with a well-optimised site, but their backlink profile was weak. This meant they stood little chance of pushing their site ahead of their rivals’ in the search engine results pages for these competitive holiday rental related keywords.

The client’s domain was in desperate need of backlinks from sites within relevant niches, if they were to improve their site’s authority and compete on page 1.


A link building campaign was clearly necessary and Casamundo was ready to invest in the large-scale campaign necessary for this hyper-competitive niche.

Over the full course of the campaign, over 500 safe, high-quality, niche-relevant backlinks were acquired from a series of partners.

These links were carefully constructed to target our client’s specially designed landing pages, and to serve as relevant results for high-traffic generic terms such as “holiday homes”, “holiday villas” and “holiday rentals”.

Our talented content writers set about composing a guest post on the subject of “Top Holiday Destinations In Iceland”, with a link to our client’s domain embedded in the article.

The article was picked up by a much-referenced publisher in the travel niche and gained some impressive engagement:

✓ 7.8k Facebook likes,
✓ 100 twitter shares,
✓ 34 comments, and
✓ 18 high quality backlinks.

This popular premium content, hosted by a relevant publisher on an established domain, included a backlink pointing to our client’s tailored landing page. This indicated to Google’s algorithm the value and relevance of the content posted there.

Using this approach to build over 500 backlinks, we were able to grow the authority of our client’s domain and double their organic traffic.


The campaign achieved over 500 high-quality backlinks. This led to improved rankings across all of the targeted key terms, which in turn translated to a 98.88% increase in traffic via Google organic search.

In real terms, traffic rose from around 200,000 visitors per month to more than 400,000, and this translated to a 61.95% increase in transactions.

Ultimately, organic traffic generated 64.35% more revenue than it did the previous year.

Stop languishing on page 2

Power your team and launch your organic search campaign.


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