Google Penalty Removal

We have an excellent track record of reversing penalties from Google.

If a recent algorithm update has caused a drop in organic traffic to your site or if a previous SEO strategy has caused you to be hit by Google with a manual penalty, we can help you recover.

By identifying which elements of your setup aren’t working with the latest algorithm and by reversing any negative effects of previous strategies, we can put you back on a stable platform on which to grow your organic traffic in the long term.

Perhaps you hired an SEO or agency in the past and they pointed inexpensive, poor-quality backlinks at your website, or maybe an unscrupulous competitor has been conducting some negative SEO against your domain.

Whatever the reason for your penalty, and regardless of whether it’s an algorithmic or a manual one, our campaign managers are able to run a forensic investigation on your site to work out exactly why your organic traffic has been affected.

From there, your CM is able to begin to create a strategy to reverse the penalty, whether that means reworking your site or content to be more compatible with the latest changes to the algorithm or undoing mistakes or attacks that led to you being manually penalised by Google.

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