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Add a Zero-Stress Income Stream to your Agency

Refer SEO clients to SUSO and be confident they will get the highest-calibre, technical SEO strategies, while you receive no-stress referral income from us.

We offer flexible partnership terms so you can find the right fit for your agency.

Speak with our CEO

Will Bagnall – CEO SUSO Digital

I’d love to chat with you and learn how we might be able to work together. Schedule a call with me or get in touch via the website.

These guys are your secret weapon. I have been in the digital space for over fifteen years now and trust me, when push comes to shove, these are the guys you want in your corner. Be it a local business site or a client with multimillion visitors, you just can’t go wrong. Highly recommended. Quote Icon
I can honestly say SUSO are the best SEO agency I’ve come across. Super smart, and great credentials. I’m happy to send any of my design or dev clients to them that need SEO, confident they’ll get super high quality treatment. Quote Icon

We work with many great companies and institutions

We’ve paid out over £1million in referral fees to our partners to date

Referral Programme

Do you have clients that need SEO? Simply introduce them to us and we’ll take care of the rest. We provide each referred client with a full SEO performance evaluation and bespoke proposal. Once the client signs and makes their first month’s payment, you’ll receive your referral fee within 24 hours.

  • Check Icon You introduce the client to us via email and we’ll analyse their site
  • Check Icon We’ll send them a proposal and take care of the entire sales process
  • Check Icon Once the client signs you receive £2000 paid in to your account within 24 hours

Whitelabel Programme

Do you want to offer premium monthly SEO services but do not have the in-house capabilities? Our whitelabel programme allows you to keep your project in-house while outsourcing the heavy-lifting SEO tasks to us.

You manage your client, while we take of the rest.


  • You charge the client your fees, we charge you
  • You’re totally in control of your margins
  • Plug straight in to our 50-person SEO team as if it were your own
  • Your branding attached to all deliverables such as reports, content & strategy documents

In order to help you scale to the next level, we will help you with:

  • Check Icon Tech SEO
  • Check Icon Audits
  • Check Icon Implementation Projects
  • Check Icon Link Building
  • Check Icon Reports
  • Check Icon Offsite Content
  • Check Icon Blogs and Custom Onsite Content
  • Check Icon Outreach and Offsite SEO
SUSO really know their stuff when it comes to technical SEO. They’ve got a great team, with some very bright SEOs. Quote Icon