Our SEO Partnership Models

Three models. Made to impact.

Every business is different. That’s why we’re flexible in how we work with our clients. But, to give you an idea of how we can help boost your client’s search presence, we typically work under three different SEO outsourcing models.

1. White Label

With our White Label SEO outsourcing – our most popular model – we become an extension of your agency. This enables you to offer an SEO service to your client to increase revenue.

Typically, we work directly with your account management team who then deliver the work to your client – we stay in the background. But we can also use an agency email address so the client comes straight to us and works with our team directly under your brand.

Either way, we invoice you our fees, and you invoice your client your fees. You stay in control of your margins.

2. Collaboration

We become your agency’s SEO partner, working directly with your client as SUSO Digital on specific areas of a project.

We’ll lend our expertise as part of a wider multi-channel campaign. With you leading the project, our contribution will align with your KPIs.

With this SEO outsourcing model, how we invoice is flexible. Some partners bill the client for the work (as part of the wider marketing programme). Others prefer us to bill the client directly.

3. Referred

You send us the leads and we take care of everything from an SEO perspective: account management, project scope, invoicing.

For the referral, we pay a commission of 15% for the following 18 months.

For the referral, we pay a commission of 30% in the first month, then 10-15% for the following 18 months.

Proven partners

We’ve partnered with agencies and consultants across a wide range of industries and disciplines, including:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • PR
  • Brand and creative
  • Development
  • Programmatic

Reporting. Shaped to you.

As an SEO outsourcing partner, you’ll benefit from our bespoke reporting. This service includes:

  • Professional commentary on your clients’ SEO –
    they understand how performance is changing month by month
  • A fully customisable template – include your own agency branding, comments and details
  • A review of previous SEO activities and their impact
  • A step-by-step action plan, outlining future strategy and deliverables

On top of our reports, you’ll also gain access to our project management tool. This keeps all communications and updates in one space, neat and tidy.

We’ll send you regular updates with insights, deliverables and recommendations. You can then pass this information onto the client with no risk of misunderstanding.

We can also help you train up sales and account management teams with SEO skills – empowering you in-house.

Adding value in every way

Our impact goes beyond just the live project assistance you expect with SEO outsourcing. We can also help you win more work.

If you’re developing a pitch or proposal, we can assist you with detailed upfront SEO analysis and research, broadening your skill base and adding value. Potential clients will recognise the depth and breadth of your strategies.

And we do it at no extra cost to you. After all, if you win, we all win.