Growing Monthly Organic Traffic by 214.78%: Pharmaceutical Case Study

Learn how we grew this pharmaceutical website’s monthly organic traffic by 214.78%.

Disclaimer: As a white label SEO agency, we keep the names of the websites we work on confidential to respect our partners.


To increase the site’s organic search visibility for commercial and transactional keywords to drive more business.

Website History:

A pharmaceutical grade CBD provider operative within the B2B market.

The main issues holding the site back:

  1. The main domain was built on WordPress, but the blog section was on a Hubspot subdomain which meant that the site lacked visibility for important keywords due to a lack of indexable content.
  2. A lot of the client’s products were featured as downloadable PDFs as opposed to individual URLs, which meant that the site struggled to rank for important commercial keywords.

The Strategy

Reduce the Amount of Hubspot on the Website

A significant part of the client’s website was built on a separate HubSpot subdomain whilst the main website was on WordPress. For example, the clients blog section along with important product information presented as PDFs were not on the main domain.

The main issue that this presents is the fact that Google treats subdomains as entirely separate websites from the main domain, which means that the ranking authority (i.e. the PageRank) of the main domain isn’t shared with the subdomain (and vice versa). So for example, if the subdomain received a lot of high quality backlinks, the main domain wouldn’t benefit as much from the link juice.

In addition, as the blog posts were on the subdomain, it meant that the main site lacked supplementary content that could rank for informational keywords.

Therefore, we migrated the HubSpot content on the subdomain and republished it on the main domain whilst making sure that the old URLs from the subdomain were redirected to their respective new URLs. We also transformed the important product information by creating brand new product pages on the main website to boost keyword visibility for commercial keywords.

You can find out more about this in the next section.

Commercial & Informational Keyword Targeting

A lot of the content about the client’s product offerings were presented to users as downloadable PDFs. However, by not having individual product pages, the website missed an opportunity to rank for important commercial keywords.

We therefore migrated the useful information about the client’s products from the PDFs and built brand new product pages to target these commercial search terms.

In doing so, we made sure that each product page had:

  1. A clear, concise and readable URL
  2. A descriptive page title that included the focus keyword
  3. An engaging H1 heading that included the focus keyword
  4. A meta description that described what users can find on the page as well as used compelling language so as to encourage users to click through
  5. A product description that outlined the key benefits and specifications of the product as well as answered any important questions that customers may have
  6. High quality images of the product
  7. Product structured data so that it would be displayed as a rich result in the SERPs

structured data for rich result in the SERPs

  1. A clear heading structure to make it easy for prospective customers to find what they were looking for
  2. Reviews and testimonials from existing customers to convey E-A-T
  3. Internal links to and from other relevant pages on the website i.e. links to related products

In addition to commercial keyword targeting, we also created supplementary informational content so that the client’s visibility for informational keywords also increased. Creating a diverse range of content that caters to the various stages of the customer journey is recommended as it allows you to capture visitors from the initial research phase, all the way up to the final buying phase.

Producing useful and informative content also aligns with Google’s recent push for helpful content, which is all about making sure that the content you serve will leave the user satisfied that they found what they’re looking for from their search query.

Another benefit of expanding the blog with such content is that it also helps convey the website’s experience and expertise within the subject. This is especially important for a YMYL (Your Money Your Life) website like this client, as the information and products they offer, can directly impact users’ wellbeing.

Finally, by creating content that addresses users at the early stage of the customer journey, we were able to apply SEO tactics like internal linking to drive visitors from the blog posts, towards the client’s core product pages.

The Results

Based on the strategies highlighted above, the monthly organic traffic increased by 214.78% when compared to the first month of the campaign.

  • The number of users increased from 234 to 831
  • The number of sessions increased from 318 to 1,001

organic traffic increase (users and sessions)

On top of this, the number of keywords that the client is ranking for in the top 100 positions of the search results grew from 81 to 641; an increase of 691%.

increase in organic keywords visibility

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