Tripling Organic Traffic To

Boosting organic traffic volumes by ranking our client’s property rental site for thousands of high-value keywords.


To boost the organic traffic volumes to our client’s property rental site, by ranking it’s city/region specific landing pages for thousands of high-value keywords.

Website history:

When approached us, they already had a well developed website. The business had generated a solid bank of quality content on their site – thousands of pages, in fact.

However, they had noticed that the content wasn’t ranking very highly in the search engine results pages and their content was being beaten in search by the competition, pretty much across the board.

There were technical issues that affected the crawlability of the site and the site’s many pages each had low authority metrics.


Our initial in-depth technical SEO audit of the site immediately exposed major issues with the way in which the site was configured.

Many of the site’s pages were buried deep within it’s messy structure. We reworked the site architecture to ensure that the URL structure was clean and optimal, with key content placed closer to the homepage.

By making these significant changes to the site’s structure, we surfaced content that had previously been buried in a mess of long and unstructured URLs. In doing so, we helped Google to crawl and understand the site, and thus improved the likelihood that they would rank the client’s pages for any particular search term.

Now that the site was presenting it’s pages in a clear and optimised way, we set about improving the authority of those pages with a targeted link-building campaign.

This ongoing campaign saw us building new high-quality backlinks on a monthly basis, designed both to improve the domains’ overall authority at the same time as boosting specific pages targeted towards property rentals in specific cities and locations.

Over the following 7 months, we built over 140 safe, reliable backlinks from quality publishers, which were pointing to pages across the site with a focus on those specific pages we were ranking.


Over a period of 7 months on which we worked on the site, we were able to achieve considerable results.

We built over 140 backlinks, which translated to an improvement of over 1,444 ranking positions for various target keywords.

We grew the keyword set for which our client ranked from 5,553 to over 8,900 keywords.

We had achieved our goal, not just to rank for our main targeted keywords, but also for various long-tail variations associated with those keywords.

As planned, this improvement in rankings for the most valuable and competitive keywords led to a considerable increase in the organic traffic that the site generated.

In fact, after our technical improvements to the site and our ongoing link building campaign, organic traffic to the site tripled, growing from just over 130,000 to just below 400,000 sessions per month, an improvement of over 200%.

When we started the campaign the site was only showing up for 9 terms on the first page with none of these getting any significant search volume. By the end of the campaign the site was ranking for 215 separate terms on the 1st page including many of the highest traffic and valuable terms in the industry.

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