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JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code

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What is FAQPage Schema Type?

FAQPage schema is one of the structured data types used on pages containing a list of questions and answers. Properly implemented FAQPage schema markup can result in getting a rich snippet in search results and an action on the Google Assistant. You can read more about the FAQPage Schema type on Schema.org and Google’s documentation.

How the FAQ Schema Generator works?

FAQPage Schema Generator is designed to simplify the implementation of JSON-LD code with your questions and answers. With this tool, you will quickly generate ready-to-use code that you can just paste on the targeted page.

How to implement your JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code?

  1. Add your questions and answers in the appropriate text fields of the generator. You can generate the desired number of questions via the "+ Add new question" button.
  2. Copy the JSON-LD code to the clipboard.
  3. Paste the code into the head section of the desired page. If you use popular CMS systems such as WordPress, you can install a plugin responsible for adding content to the head section, which will allow you to easily place the script on the appropriate page.

Do FAQ snippets improve click-through rates?

According to the SearchPilot Case Study from split testing, the results of implementing the FAQ schema vary from 3% to 8% of uplift in organic traffic. It depends on how relevant the questions & answers are for searchers and most of all - if they convince them to click for more.

Remember! In accordance with the Google Guidelines, structured data should always match the content displayed on the page.