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Why is SEO Important?

The benefits of SEO extend beyond improving your online search traffic. In this section, we highlight how SEO adds value to other areas to your organisation.

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It goes without saying that SEO will greatly help your brand and business reach a much wider audience by improving your website’s visibility on the web. But SEO isn’t just about that, there are several other areas where SEO adds value to your organisation.

The Possibilities of Organic Search Are Endless

The obvious benefit of SEO is the fact that organic search is the main source of traffic for websites these days. With Google being the most used search engine (and website for that matter), there’s no denying that the possibilities for reaping the rewards are endless.

It’s also free.

Building a great website isn’t free, and hiring SEO specialists like the wizards here at SUSO isn’t free – but you know what we mean!

Let’s take paid advertising techniques like PPC – how does it work? You pay Google, Google places your advert in the SERPs for the keywords you want to target. Great! But as soon as you stop paying, what happens? Your advert disappears, traffic (and ultimately conversions) dry up.

SEO however, is forever.

The statistics speak for themselves.

SEO may be a patience game, and ranking a website may take time and effort. But, a common saying in our industry, is that 80% of your SEO success will come from 20% of your efforts. Once you’ve built that foundation and everything is set up correctly, you can sit back and reap the rewards.

The Possibilities of Organic Search Are Endless

Building A Trustworthy Brand

Just like in the real world, establishing a brand’s website as a top player within your niche takes effort, commitment and most of all, patience. Before you even begin to think about building a solid foundation for your website – you need to be offering a quality product or service that adds value to the end user and ultimately leads to them trusting your brand.

SEO is a means of taking this to the next level.

From the quality of your backlink profile and how well optimised your content is to more sophisticated machine learning signals that look at how users are engaging with your website (more on this later), there are many factors that come into play when it comes to establishing authority within the SERPs.

Building A Trustworthy Brand

Get An Insight Into Your Client Base

One of the most important (and possibly overlooked) benefits of SEO is the fact that it gives you an insight into your customers. Through Google Analytics and other tracking tools like HotJar, you can analyse and adapt your strategy by looking at how visitors are engaging with your website at keyword and page level!

Later in the course, you’ll learn how to monitor and analyse metrics like bounce rate, conversion rate as well as look at demographic data about visitors to your site such as their location, gender and age range.

These will help you understand your customers better and in turn, will enable you to further optimise your website to target them better.

In a nutshell, the key takeaway from all of this is that SEO isn’t something that happens overnight – becoming an authority in your niche and staying at the top of the SERPs takes time – it’s a long-term investment, but the possibilities are endless.

Get An Insight Into Your Clientbase