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Advanced SEO Textbook

11. Monitoring SEO Health

This module will equip you with the skills to monitor your website's SEO health using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We will also show you how to diagnose traffic drops, crawl and audit your website. Finally, you will learn how to diagnose and analyse your website before and after a Google core algorithm update.

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Topics Icon Topics: 4
Clock icon Time: 2h
Difficulty Intermediate
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The Essentials: Google Analytics & Google Search Console

An in-depth look into Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Clock Icon Time: 60
Difficulty Intermediate
Locked Incomplete
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Diagnosing A Drop In Traffic

Learn how to diagnose a drop in organic traffic.

Clock Icon Time: 33
Difficulty Intermediate
Locked Incomplete
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Page Experience & Engagement

Learn how to monitor page experience and user engagement.

Clock Icon Time: 19
Difficulty Intermediate
Locked Incomplete
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Practice your skills and challenge your knowledge.

Clock Icon Time: 25
Difficulty Hard
Locked Incomplete
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