In-depth data analysis

Staying on top of the numbers

Data has never been as essential to all types of business as it is today, however many business owners are too busy to wrangle the data they’ve collected and use it to produce actionable insights that can inform business decisions.

SUSO provides our clients with quantitative data, including organic web traffic volumes, engagement metrics such as bounce rate, average time on site, updated rankings in Google Search and changes in domain authority.

We dig into your traffic sources and compare their performance, analyse different segments of traffic and build an understanding of your website’s objective overall performance.

Equally important is the qualitative analysis. This is where our campaign managers apply their experience and translate the quantitative data into actionable insights.

Perhaps this month saw a sudden dip in traffic or an unexpected uptick from a particular channel. Your campaign manager will use our suite of tools to dig deep and uncover the reason why, apply any necessary changes and provide recommendations on how to take advantage of any opportunities that may have presented themselves.

Each of our clients receives a detailed monthly report, breaking down the activities completed, what was achieved and the impact it had on rankings and traffic.

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