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The First Ever, Interactive Online SEO Textbook

The learning materials in our guide are created for marketers who want to gain deep, technical knowledge of Google’s algorithm, to fuel their strategic SEO decisions.

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Why Good Outreach Matters | Link Building in 2021


Whichever way you cut it, outreach link building for SEO is hard. Even when armed with the best possible content, getting in front of the right bloggers and webmasters can be an uphill struggle – furthermore, actually securing link placements can be even harder.

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Guide To Blocking Unwanted Resources


Googlebot can index any resources on the site, including the ones that does not have much value for users and shouldn't be indexed. An example of such content could be a "Find out about the product" form where the form is generated under a different URL (eg. containing a product ID or a timestamp). It could result in the same number of form-only pages being indexed as the number of products in the store. Addressing this issue is therefore of a very high importance in terms of SEO.

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