Monthly Retainer SEO Services

Our monthly high-growth SEO program builds the client’s site’s authority, navigates algorithm updates, and generates more traffic for increased revenue. And we do it with frictionless ease – providing account managers, sales support, and strategy sessions who work alongside your agency teams.


Twelve months. One powerful campaign.

Designed to boost your site’s SEO performance with a highly technical and ROI-focused strategy, our twelve-month campaigns are split into four key stages.

Google Discovery Stage (Month 1)

We will: 

  • Understand your SEO journey to date and your vision for the future
  • Audit existing performance and analyse for opportunities
  • Carry out a technical audit, backlink profile health check and keyword research
  • Explore and research the competitive SEO landscape
  • Map target keywords and landing pages
  • Design a strategy roadmap and delivery programme based on your KPIs

Google Compatibility Stage (Months 2, 3 & 4)

We will:

  • Initiate your strategy roadmap and delivery plan
  • Clean up your website, protecting it against algorithm updates and manual reviews
  • Stabilise your rankings and traffic
  • Begin ranking early-stage keyword targets
  • Prepare your site for significant traffic increases
  • Monitor your website’s SEO health with alerts in case of major issues
  • Begin monthly reporting of your SEO performance

Google Trust Stage (Months 5, 6, 7 & 8)

We will start to see results, including:

  • An authority boost following the early-stage trust gained from the Compatibility stage
  • Early keyword ranking benefits, with noticeable traffic improvements
  • Increases in higher competition keywords
  • Improved traffic and an increase in revenue

Google Authority Stage (Months 9, 10, 11 & 12)

We will see results continue to improve, including:

  • Multiple additional pages of your website start to rank
  • Higher competition keywords regularly hitting the high positions
  • Further revenue increases from conversion optimisation
  • The overall marketing strategy delivering greater value based on advanced consultation

Not quite ready for a full SEO campaign?

We also provide these standalone services to meet your unique needs:

Technical On-Site SEO

Strategic Link Building

SEO Audits

Bespoke Content Creation

Site Migration

Google Penalty Removal

International SEO

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