SUSO Monthly Roundup – March 2023

SUSO 30 March 2023

Discover how SUSO Digital is growing with our March Roundup Update, from hitting a major milestone of 50 employees to supporting Ukrainian women to kickstart their IT careers.

Author: Will Bagnall, Founder & CEO

Will Bagnall








A Team of 50 Strong, And Counting

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve hit a major milestone – we now have 50 full time team members!

This is a significant achievement for us, and we’re incredibly proud to have grown so much since our founding.

And over the past two years, we’ve felt the pace of change picking up.

We’re not just adding numbers, we’re adding real quality to the team, helping us to evolve our service to new levels and provide consistent tangible value to clients and partners.

We’re also proud of the core company culture that has evolved by the many great employees we’ve had work with us over the years.

It’s this company culture that has allowed us to grow, attract and retain top talent during the process.


Investing In Our Local Community

Our Head of Delivery, Paulina, took the initiative to help Ukrainian women kick start their IT careers in Poznan. 

She shared her Scrum Master expertise and helped to interview and train them.

We look forward to further opportunities to share the capabilities of SUSO’s talent in Poznan.

suso team

Running Our First Sponsored Lunch in London

We also had our first sponsored lunch with London-based agency owners. 

It was fantastic to contribute to the growing community of agencies and to build genuine relationships with our peers.

We’re looking forward to more opportunities to connect with other agencies in the future.

suso lunch

International Meet-Ups

Finally, we’re a global team, with headquarters in the UK and Poland, but members all over the world.

This month, our Marketing Manager, Chetan, flew over from the Americas to Europe to get to know the team better.

And Julia, our Content Team Leader, who works from our Poznan HQ, flew 11,000 km to work with our senior content writers Steve and Matty in Thailand.

These international meet-ups are an essential part of our efforts to define a cohesive culture across our distributed team.

suso team international

As always, we’re looking forward to the next month of growth and development at SUSO.

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