SUSO Monthly Roundup – June 2023

SUSO 16 June 2023

See how SUSO is developing its culture through meetups, missions and new hires in June's Roundup Update.

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Author: Will Bagnall, Founder & CEO

Will Bagnall








New senior staff

Filip Ruprich– Head of SEO


We spent 3 months of intense recruitment activities to find the perfect Head of SEO, after interviewing many candidates –  Filip was our guy.

We look forward to where Filip takes our SEO team and the value he brings to our clients and partners.

A new perspective over our mission 

Our Mission


In the words of Jeff Bezos:

“We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.”

Now we  have our Mission Statement up on the wall at the SUSO offices .

It is a strong reminder of our purpose and the value we add to our partners.

Bringing SUSO together

Every time the SUSO team comes together in Poland, we achieve impressive creative and strategic output from in-person interactions.

We took old SUSO products and put them under fresh eyes.

And found eloquent innovations for our partners’ improved experience. 

Poznan Marathon

‘Probably the fittest SEO team in Poland’

All our staff came through as medalists – great job guys! 

These types of events are as much about team building as they are about contributing to our local community of Poznan.


Our Head of Outreach,  Natalia, did a great job to connect with our European Partners in Poland’s Capital, Warsaw. 

This is the first in a series of Global Conferences this year (next stop Costa Rica 🤫)

As always, we’re looking forward to what the next month brings for us and our partners  at SUSO.

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