My First Month As an Account Manager at SUSO: Konrad Olszewski

SUSO 24 January 2022

Meet our new account manager Konrad Olszewski and read about his first month at SUSO Digital! See how we work, what we do and what initiatives we have at offer; perhaps you can also join our ranks or be our next client?

Author: Konrad Olszewski, Account Manager









Hey! My name is Konrad and it is nice to have you here! I am a Client Manager at SUSO Digital and I will share my experiences during the first month working at this fantastic company.

The first month in a new job is always going to be a challenge – regardless of your industry, personality type or work experience. You’re constantly trying to make a good impression on your new colleagues, prove to management that you’re worth the hire, and soak up as much information about the company as possible. It’s safe to say things can easily become overwhelming.

More About Me

I am a Polish national, but have spent most of my life in Ireland. After 14 years abroad I made the move back to Poland seeking new opportunities. Prior to SUSO, I founded an Immersive Media Production Company called Daydream Films Limited and was a Senior Business Developer for another large scale business. I graduated with first class honours in Business and Management and always seeked solutions rather than problems.

My First Impressions of SUSO

From the moment I stepped into the office on my first day I was approached by my office angel Artur. He always brings some fancy food for us to taste from the countries he visits – such a great guy!

It’s an awesome feeling when you can finally meet and get to know all your new colleagues – they really made me feel like I belonged to the team. My onboarding process comprised a 3 week long training program which included meetings with everyone from all departments in the company – from content, sales, operations and SEO. 

It wasn’t long until our first company integration, when we went to play some bowling and have a casual drink! On another day we grabbed some dinner and played some darts.

bowling time at SUSO

SUSO Digital is slowly becoming a family who’s here to help not just on work related issues; but also in my personal life. As my team helps me adapt to this new world, the company’s opportunities push me to try new things and thrive on all fronts.

Why You Should Join SUSO

I could spend the whole day writing about why you should join the team, but here are the most important points which I noticed during my first month:

Putting People First

At SUSO Digital the opinion of an individual is the most important metric, your preferences, thoughts and suggestions matter. As an employee it is a pleasure to work for a company who takes care of their employees and listens to their needs and concerns. For example, I recently requested an XXL size mouse pad which helps me with efficiency and comfort while working across 3 monitors, this was quickly provided to me.

Technical Approach to SEO

Our SEO campaigns are supported with the most modern SEO tools available to us. From artificial intelligence assistants to copywriting tools, graphics design software and of course, the company Spotify playlist!

Wide Range of Experts Available at Hand

I am just one of many experts who came to SUSO Digital with a significant portfolio of expertise in multiple fields. We have several entrepreneurs working in our office, professional blog writers, graphic designers, SEO pioneers and even a rising singer star (looking at you Iza!).

Diverse Portfolio of Clients

No website is too big and no industry too complex for our team to work on. My portfolio consists of Financial Institutions, Medical Laboratories, Automotive Parts, Travel Agencies and even Pets! One of my clients is all the way down in Australia! Perhaps I could visit them one day?

Financial Investment in Employees

SUSO Digital invests into the education of each employee to improve their knowledge in an area which they feel is most needed for them. I personally began my Six Sigma Black Belt Certification this year; as well as taking part in Agile and SCRUM training programs for project management and leadership.

Flexible Working Hours and Remote Access

One of the best things about working at SUSO is the flexible working hours and ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world. We have staff based in Thailand, Pakistan, Denmark, London and more! This makes it extremely suitable for those who appreciate being trusted by their employer to carry out the responsibilities and tasks in a timely manner, despite working from home or abroad.

SUSO Digital Office View





It has only been a month so far, I am only excited to think what the future holds for me at SUSO Digital. I am eager to meet more of my clients and create a lasting bond with them – after all we work together on all of their great projects, their success is my success and vice versa! Cheers to SUSO!

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