Hetvi Thakker: How I Became A SUSOnian

SUSO 02 July 2024

Our Account Manager Hetvi Thakker gives an insight into what it’s like to work on client campaigns at SUSO.

Author: Hetvi Thakker, Junior Account Manager

Hetvi Thakker







Tell Us A Bit About Yourself.

Hi! I’m Hetvi, an Account manager at SUSO and graduate of the Poznan University of Economics. I love working with people and learning new things every day!

At the moment, I love living in Poznan, as this allows me to work in the office with my colleagues. And if there’s anything else you must know about me, it is that I am an avid animal lover, and will pet every cat I see.

What First Attracted You to Joining SUSO?

I was initially looking for internship opportunities that allowed me to learn hands-on project management while letting me practise the theoretical knowledge I learned at university, and SUSO is the perfect place. Additionally, the case studies on the website not only gave me an insight into the quality of work being done but also the information provided was really useful in my digital marketing class. 

What Does A Typical Day at SUSO Look Like For You?

I start my day (of course with a coffee) by checking my emails for any updates made on the tasks or messages from my clients. After that I check the SEO performance for my clients, and then attend my team meetings to provide an update on what the upcoming deadlines on the deliverables are. I usually then have client calls where we get to catch up on what we worked on and get feedback on what they would like to see more of.

A Typical Day at SUSO Digital

What Made You Want to Work in SEO?

While I can admit that I’m not the most technical person in the group, this aspect of brand management has piqued my interest forever because of how well it translates to actual customer conversions and builds online goodwill! After joining SUSO, watching the work behind the scenes, just makes me more awed by how everything works!! Each team here works like a well oiled machine–and so are processes we undertake. 

What’s Your Favourite Part About Your Role?

It would be showing the clients how well their website’s SEO progress looks! Sending a monthly report showing the consistent traffic growth is very satisfying. However, I know that without the support of my managers and seniors, I would be lost! Being mentored by some very talented people gives me insight into the kind of professional I want to be.

How Would You Describe The Culture at SUSO?

One word to describe it would be – Kind.

Everyone here, and I do mean every single person, is so welcoming and friendly, and it just makes my day talking to my colleagues. Even though half of the team works remotely from all around the world, I can easily strike up conversations with them.

However, I cannot deny that meeting up with them during SUSO days is always SO much fun!

Culture at SUSO Digital

What’s Been Your Proudest Moment / Fondest Memory at SUSO to Date?

My Proudest might (selfishly) be when I moved from an Intern to an Account Manager, but I feel fond of watching us work together almost every day, or when my clients are happy!

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