Abha Anchawale: How I Became A SUSOnian

SUSO 28 June 2023

Abha Anchawale gives us a sneak peek into how she became a SUSOnian and what it’s like to be part of the links team at SUSO.

Author: Abha Anchawale, SEO Specialist

Abha Anchawale







Tell Us A Bit About Yourself.

Hi! My name is Abha Anchawale. I joined SUSO as a junior SEO specialist and have worked at SUSO for about a year. My role primarily consists of executing the link building strategies for our clients with the aim of increasing their search engine rankings and natural visibility.

What First Attracted You to Joining SUSO?

When I first heard of SUSO from a friend, I immediately looked up the website. I meticulously went through the blogs and textbook and was fascinated by the depth and complexity of SEO as an industry and how it can impact a website’s growth. Whilst browsing through, I saw that SUSO were hiring and that importantly, remote positions were available. I knew I could not let this opportunity pass, so I applied right on the spot. 

What Does A Typical Day at SUSO Look Like For You?

My workday begins with checking and responding to team members’ emails, messages, and notifications. Then I check for upcoming meetings and note the new and pending tasks. Each task gets separated based on its priority level, and I get to work. 

My work then consists of scouring the internet to find websites best suited for each client’s needs and requirements. This includes filtering each domain through various tools to ensure it passes our 10-step vetting process to ensure our clients receive quality backlinks. Another layer of vetting is added for further approval to ensure all parameters are met.

We also have meetings on a regular basis where our progress, as well as any issues, are discussed. What is noteworthy about these meetings is they are not only a time where we strictly discuss business but also our obstacles that may hinder our ability to work to the best degree. This further strengthens my belief in the people-first ideal set by SUSO.

We frequently brainstorm about how we can improve our processes as well as our personal skills. Overall, due to the flexible nature of the work, each day, we have a personalised set targets and the freedom to structure our time. I end my day by reviewing the tasks assigned and penning down their current status.

What Made You Want to Work in SEO?

When I began my journey into digital marketing, many avenues needed to be explored. I began working as a content writer, worked as an account manager, and started to post reviews online. I slowly realised that though the work felt rewarding, it also felt like juggling too many duties. I knew I had to sit down and figure out what I truly enjoyed.

Not long after this, I realised the idea of analysing data, conducting research, and selectively placing hyperlinks to drive targeted traffic and raise the domain authority of the client’s website combined the creativity of writing with the analytical and strategic thinking required to manage accounts. Since then, I have never looked back.

What’s Your Favourite Part About Your Role?

It is hard to choose a favourite, but if I had to pick one, it would be team interactions. There is just something about working for SUSO that manages to create a healthy environment to work in. 

My manager (Estelle Slabbert) is someone I can talk with alone with a free flow of ideas. The team quickly understands any situation and are always up for helping. Any challenges that I face, I can rely on them to find a solution together. As Estelle always says, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

How Would You Describe The Culture at SUSO?

Being a remote worker, I thought that I would have limited to no inclusion in the company culture. That’s not the case at all. Having first hand experienced kindness and generosity, the company has set high standards for a people-first culture. 


Everyone here makes sure you are listened to, your ideas are considered, and regular client and employee satisfaction follow-ups are carried out. The relationships between team members are friendly and comfortable. 

What’s One SEO Tool That You Can’t Live Without?

Although I use various tools, not a day goes by without using Ahrefs. It does everything I need and more!

What’s Been Your Proudest Moment / Fondest Memory at SUSO to Date?

While working with SUSO, I faced losing one of my parents. What got me through that period was how my colleagues banded together like a community to provide comfort. Everyone from senior management to my teammates ensured I had everything that I needed to cope with such a loss. Being a remote worker, this made a significant impact. 

We have all heard stories about companies that go to remarkable lengths for their employees, and it is my honour to work for one.

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