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We are SUSO.
We live SEO

We are SUSO.
We live SEO

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At SUSO we believe that to do something to the highest standards, you need to be laser focused. That’s why unlike most full-stack (“Jack of all trade”) digital agencies we do one thing very, very well; and that’s Ecommerce SEO.

Ecommerce SEO is complex and difficult to master and that’s exactly why we like it. We’ve developed targeted SEO strategies designed with ecommerce websites in mind through years of experience in the industry. We work with challenger brands and established companies alike, maximising their performance on Google.

Our Mission

We execute results-driven, technical SEO strategies based on a set of core principles:

“Never Assume. Analyse & Measure.
Think Critically. Be Curious.
Stay Committed. Always Empathise. Inspire.”

Meet the team

We’re hiring!

Our team is made up of technical, marketing experts from some of the UK’s top universities. Contact SUSO today if you’d like to be a part of our team journey.

I was a Computer Science student who didn’t want to become a coder, so entering the SEO industry was a perfect fit for me because it uses the same kind of problem solving and logical thinking skills.

Since joining SUSO, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about SEO to managing and handling several successful campaigns in a matter of months.

Deep Shah Computer Science BSc, Leicester University

Join SUSO Academy

SUSO have put together a unique training schedule, that helps graduates on the road to becoming masters of the trade within as little as 12 months.

Want to join our team? Read More About SUSO Academy

Our latest research

We are SUSO. We live SEO

The First Ever, Interactive Online SEO Textbook

The learning materials in our guide are created for marketers who want to gain deep, technical knowledge of Google’s algorithm, to fuel their strategic SEO decisions.

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However, the question many of these people fail to ask is: what exactly is domain relevancy and how big of a ranking factor is it?

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