We are SUSO.
We live SEO

We are SUSO.
We live SEO

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The SUSO Story

As SEO specialists, we’ve been helping agencies and brands to grow online since 2015.

And as the digital world continues to evolve, so do we. We now split our disciplines across Europe to ensure our engine rooms are where the talent is.

We started off as a conventional UK based SEO agency with the bulk of its clients coming to us direct. However in 2017 we developed a partnership with 2 of the world’s leading thought leaders in SEO in which Suso supplied the site auditing and recommendation implementation services within their consultancy projects. This sustained exposure to enterprise level SEO projects deepened our technical skillset and gave us a strong preference for the “back end delivery” of SEO. Since then we’ve continuously improved our processes for project delivery and partnership management with around 80% of our revenues now deriving from white label partnerships with marketing agencies and enterprise SEO consultants and around 20% from savvy clients who have chosen to buy direct from Suso.

Early on in our journey we took on a small technical team in Poznan, Poland, to supplement our mainly UK based team. The quality of the talent available in Poland became evident rapidly and we now have our technical engine room 100% in Poland along with project management and strategy split 50/50 between the UK and Poland.

Technical Centre: Poland

Our technical and project management expertise is centred in Poznan, Poland. With SEO as our sole discipline, we attract the brightest specialist talent in Europe to solve problems and innovate forward.

Sales & Strategy: London

Our sales and strategy is based in London. We work to demystify the SEO process and build sustainable growth – protecting the reputations of our clients.

SUSO: working as one

Working together, we have the technology, insights and experience to help drive continuous and stable market growth. Becoming a trusted extension to your business.

SUSO people. Partners.

So SUSO. So you.

Technical talent is what distinguishes us. If that distinguishes you too, we’d love to have a chat.

I was a Computer Science student who didn’t want to become a coder, so entering the SEO industry was a perfect fit for me because it uses the same kind of problem solving and logical thinking skills.

Since joining SUSO, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about SEO to managing and handling several successful campaigns in a matter of months.

Deep Shah Computer Science BSc, Leicester University

The SUSO Academy

With a unique training schedule, The SUSO Academy helps graduates to become SEO specialists within as little as 12 months. It’s a chance to apply and grow your learning in a sector that never stops moving.

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Always curious. Always learning.

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